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2024 Local Agency Biennial Notice


2024 Local Agency Biennial Notice


Name of Agency:     Quincy Fire Protection District

Mailing Address:     505 Lawrence St.   Quincy  CA   95971

Contact Person:  Karrie White        Phone No.  (530) 283-0870                                        

Email:      Alternate Email:

Accurate disclosure is essential to monitor whether officials have conflicts of interest and to help ensure public trust in government. The biennial review examines current programs to ensure that the agency’s code includes disclosure by those agency officials who make or participate in making governmental decisions.

This agency has reviewed its conflict-of-interest code and has determined that (check one BOX):

 An amendment is required. The following amendments are necessary:

(Check all that apply.)

  • Include new positions revise disclosure categories
  • Revise the titles of existing positions
  • Delete titles of positions that have been abolished and/or positions that no longer make or participate in making a governmental decision
  •  The code is currently under review by the code reviewing body.
  •   No amendment is required. (If your code is over five years old, amendments may be necessary.)
  • Verification (to be completed if no amendment is required)

 This agency’s code accurately designates all positions that make or participate in the making of governmental decisions. The disclosure assigned to those positions accurately requires that all investments, business positions, interests in real property, and sources of income that may foreseeably be affected materially by the decisions made by those holding designated positions are reported. The code includes all other provisions required by Government Code Section 87302.


MICHAEL TABORSKI                                     5/23/2027

Signature of Chief Executive Officer             Date


All agencies must complete and return this notice regardless of how recently your code was approved or amended. Please return this notice no later than October 1, 2024, or by the date specified by your agency, if earlier, to:

Plumas County Board of Supervisors

c/o County Counsel’s Office

520 Main Street, Room 301

Quincy, CA  95971


Resolution 2024-0523-1.pdf