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Can you be found in an emergency?

One of the questions that is asked when you call "9-1-1" for assistance is: "What is your Address?" Many addresses in our area require that the caller give 911 detailed information on how to find their driveway or access road for emergency responders to provide rapid assistance.  Instructions like, "Take the third driveway from the intersection and turn right, and then go to the second left and we live in the blue house. 

The Quincy Fire Department will be making available 6' x 13' reflective address signs and mounting posts to all interested property owners of the fire district. These signs are installed at the beginning of the driveway or common access road to properly identify your residence from the street. If the common access serves several homes, it may be necessary to place additional signs to clarify the entrance to your home.

It is Quincy Fire Protection District's goal to have all occupancies with legible and visible addresses in the event of an emergency we can find you. The Quincy Volunteer Fire Department provides this service and installation. 

For more information or to place your order please call 283-0870

 $15.00 for one marker. $20.00 for one maker and metal post. You can pay for the address marker by clicking the donate tab located on the home page.

There may be a delay in installation due to weather conditions.

You can fax the pdf form to (530) 283-0897, or complete the address marker form below. 

Reflective Address Sign form B.pdf

Reflective Address Marker Order Form

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Sign Placement: We will attempt to place signs in consistent locations, to allow for easy identification of your property. Variations may occur due to underground utilities and landscaping.

Mailbox: Your sign may be attached to your mailbox: Mailbox mounting brackets are available at no additional cost.

*If a separate post is needed we have them available for $5.00

Address Changes: Occasionally it is necessary to change your address for clarity and consistency to match the 911 address criteria. The Fire Department and the Fire Protection District assume no responsibility in assigning or changing address numbers. Contact: Pluams County Planning and Building Dept for address change information. 

Project Endorsed by: USPS Quincy Post Office, Plumas County Road Department, Plumas County Dispatch

Project sponsored by: Plumas District Hospital, Quincy Volunteer Fire Department, United Parcel Service